Lost in Translation [Hole]


Hole, Theatrical Company ENSEMBLE [Korea]. Director: Kim Jinman. Cast: Kim Hyobae, Lee Dongjun. Lighting Director: Lee Youngmin. Sound Operator: Jo Jeongmin. Translator and Subtitle Operator: Hwang Gun.

5th November 2017

Ground Floor, Maharashtra Cultural Centre, Pune

2º IAPAR (International Association for Performance Arts and Research Theatre) Festival


Premiered in the context of the political crisis that lead to the impeachment of South Korea’s President, Park Geon-Hye, in 2016, Hole aims to be a metaphor to raise awareness when it comes to corruption and misconduct on the part of any government, even though it was specifically created for the South Korean reality. Two performers act out a very simple plot in which a construction worker and a specialist are confronted with the sudden appearance of a sinkhole in a public space and each of them faces the problem quite differently: the worker wants to cover up the hole and get things over with as fast as possible – not caring for the fact that it might be a temporary fix – while the specialist, vehemently against the worker’s stance, fights for the need to maintain the hole open so that he can conduct an investigation to expose and remove its origins.

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